Spring toothbrush annual box


The pack of 16 toothbrushes is ideal for a family.

With 4 different toothbrush colors, the box contains 16 Dr.Stieger spring toothbrushes:

4 blue toothbrushes with turquoise bristles

4 green toothbrushes with green bristles

4 red toothbrushes with yellow bristles

4 gray toothbrushes with pink bristles


Additional information

Brand Top Caredent / Dr.Stieger
Article Pack of 16 toothbrushes
Use For use with Circum® interdental brushes, A-brush, Ortho Care, Implant Care
Life expectancy Unlimited
Packaging Cardboard packaging, 16 toothbrushes
Special features The spring-loaded handles are ergonomic and practical. It allows you to use an interdental brush to clean areas that you cannot reach when brushing your teeth. The handle limits the pressure to 200 grams, which protects your gums from inflammation. The handle can be used as a tongue cleaner.