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Innovation & Development

Our innovative products are the result of constant research and development.
The cooperation with renowned experts enables us to offer you outstanding products of the highest quality and to develop them further all the time – for your benefit!

Dr. Stieger Feather Toothbrush

Discover the innovative spring toothbrush from Dr. Stieger that revolutionizes your oral care!
This unique manual toothbrush combines style, comfort and efficiency to give you an unparalleled tooth brushing experience. The patented spring handle physiologically adjusts the contact pressure and thus protects the tooth structure and gums. The wide brush head with ultra-fine bristles guarantees full coverage and reaches even hard-to-reach areas.
The 3-in-1 function includes not only the spring toothbrush, but also a holder for interdental brushes and a tongue cleaner.

Environmental awareness and sustainability are at the forefront: the toothbrush is made of recyclable materials and reduces plastic consumption.

Holder for interdental brushes

Pleasant interdental cleaning with practical double plug-in system.

Conscious and sustainable dental care

Consciously environmentally friendly products made of regional wood from the UNESCO Black Forest Biosphere Reserve and packaged in ecological packaging.

Online - consulting service

We offer a personal online consultation service to help you find the right products for your needs.

Our experts will provide you with competent advice on all our products.


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