Length 13.6 cm
Unit 1 piece
Colors Blue

The holders are suitable for all Top Caredent interdental brushes (Circum®, A-brush, Ortho Care, Implant Care) and have two insertion options.

Top Caredent offers various models and sizes to choose from, depending on your requirements.

The Top Caredent holders enable safe and convenient use and, depending on the model, can be inserted from the front or at an angle, depending on personal requirements.

The “COB Organizer” work aid designed for professionals allows the interdental brush to be gripped directly with the holder. Practical, fast, hygienic!

Additional information

Brand Top Caredent
Article line Holder for interdental brushes – Holder 4 (old IDBH-HM).
Use For interdental brushes: Circum®, A-brush, Ortho Care, Implant Care, application swabs and brushes.
Service life Top Caredent holders are sterilizable (steam sterilizable (autoclave), gas sterilizable (ethylene oxide) and can be used at home and in the dental practice for a long time.
Packaging Ecological cardboard packaging, 1 piece.
License plate The holders are ergonomic and practical. They are ideal for use from the front or at a suitable angle. They can be sterilized and reused.


Simply insert the interdental brush with a ¼ turn. To change, press out or pull out with your thumb.