Dental floss (wooden box)


Wooden box with natural dental floss 25 m

Ready for use

Beautiful and ecological, the wooden floss box made from local wood from the UNESCO Black Forest Biosphere Reserve.
100% natural dental floss.


  • 100% natural silk, made from many individual silk panels, biodegradable
  • The dental floss fans out and transports the biofilm out of the interdental space

Additional information

Brand Top Caredent
Article line Natural dental floss made from 100% natural silk.
Accessories Wooden floss box for refilling
Effect s. Text above
For whom? Undetermined, Everyone
Packaging Various dispensers: Wooden floss box in cardboard packaging
License plate Dental floss made from 100% natural silk, biodegradable.
Wooden box made from local UNESCO biosphere fallen wood, refillable, with patented “screw-click” closure made in Germany


Floss ends are wound around the middle fingers. The thumb and index finger guide the thread, with one finger always in the oral cavity and the thumb stretching and supporting. The dental floss is gently inserted into the interdental spaces with gentle rocking movements. It must not crack, then too much force is used and you run the risk of cutting the gums.

Rosary technique: knot a piece of silk about 40 cm long at the ends to form a loop, hold it with both hands and carefully guide the silk into the interdental spaces and press it against the tooth. Always rewind one piece at a time so that a fresh piece is available for each interdental area.

License plate

  • Made from 100% biodegradable natural silk, composed of many silk threads.
  • On contact with saliva, the silk thread is unfolded to better remove biofilm and residue from the interdental spaces.
  • Wooden box from the UNESCO-certified Black Forest biosphere reserve.
  • Replaceable coils, with clever opening.
  • Made in Germany.