Circum® 4

7,40 29,90 

Mobility > 1.3 mm
Diameter 6 – 4 – 6 mm
Reference CDB-4

For use with a holder, which is available separately.


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Circum® interdental brushes are available in packs of 5 or 25.

Comparative studies(e.g. Lulic & Lang et al., 2011) show that only the waisted Circum® interdental brush can achieve a double cleaning effect, as its special shape enables it to optimally clean the back and front sections of the interdental space at the same time.

Especially critical areas such as niches and concave areas in the interdental space, as well as the so-called “line angles” (side angles), are cleaned significantly better with Circum®.

The new, waisted version also offers the option of reliably cleaning and caring for implants and superstructures and is also ideal for braces.

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Brand Top Caredent
Article line Circum® interdental brushes, waisted shape.
Use With holder(Holder-1, Holder-2, IDBH-HB, IDBH-HM). Ideal for cleaning and maintenance of implants, superstructures (crowns, bridges), maintenance of orthodontic appliances.
Service life Top Caredent interdental brushes are of the highest quality. The service life depends on the product, the finer the more delicate. As with a toothbrush, the interdental brushes should be changed as soon as the bristles are no longer “new”, as they then lose their cleaning power. For fine interdental brushes approx. 1 week (with daily use), for larger models approx. 2 weeks.
For whom ? Adults, teenagers wearing braces (according to professional instructions).
Packaging Ecological cardboard packaging for the sake of the environment. Pack of 5 / 25.



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Daily or regular cleaning & care of the interdental and interdental space

  • Best used before brushing your teeth
  • Do not use toothpaste or gel when cleaning the interdental spaces
  • Insert the brush into the double-ended holder with little pressure (1/4 turn)
  • To change, push out or pull out with your thumb
  • Keep the lip away at the beginning so that you have a clear view in the mirror.
  • Insert the brush straight into the interdental space, above the papilla (gum triangle).
  • Special with Circum®: A gentle shaking motion helps with slight resistance, allowing the brush to glide into the interdental space. The denser brush head fans out like an umbrella and thus unfolds the …. Cleaning effect
  • Never press or squeeze into the interdental space
  • For even narrower interdental spaces, use the finest model in the “A-brush” line from Top Caredent
  • Rinse the brush in between, clean each interdental space approx. 2 x with a slight back and forth movement.
  • At the end, leave the cleaned brushes in the holder, e.g. place the holder on the edge of the tooth cup and leave it open to dry. (Water-repellent and quick-drying material)



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  • Prophylaxis, cleaning & care of interdental, interdental space, tooth margin, lateral angles (line angles)
  • Maintains caries-free teeth and healthy gums, removes plaque, clean tooth surfaces
  • Strengthening the gums, gum massage, bleeding gums, gingivitis
  • Prevention and treatment of inflammation of the gums (gingivitis), periodontal disease (periodontitis) and peri-implantitis
  • Combating bad breath



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Circum® interdental brush

  • Cleaning the outside AND inside of the tooth in one go
  • Gentle insertion thanks to umbrella-like folding and opening of the front bristles
  • Better access to all critical points
  • Thorough cleaning of recesses and niches, as well as line angles
  • Gentle gum massage thanks to special shape and bristles
  • Innovation from Switzerland – made in Germany
  • Also ideal for cleaning implants, dental constructions and braces


License plate

  • Circum® is patented and the only brush with a waisted shape.
  • The superior effect of Circum® has been proven by several studies.
  • Different types of bristles on one brush – exclusive to Circum®.

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