CDB-8 KFO Circum®


Accessibility: larger than 2.3 mm

For use with a holder, which is available separately.

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Special orthodontic brush in size 8

Best care for braces

With the special orthodontic brushes CDB-7 KFO and CDB-8 KFO of the Circum® series, we offer products for the field of orthodontics and thus make an important contribution to your successful orthodontic treatment.

These orthodontic brushes were developed in collaboration with universities and their special design enables optimum cleaning of the brackets.

The waisted orthodontic brush is designed to enable simultaneous cleaning of adjacent brackets and to achieve a more far-reaching effect thanks to its shape.


  • Cleaning & care of orthodontic appliances (brackets, braces)
  • Tooth margin and side angles (line angles) are optimally achieved
  • Maintains caries-free teeth and healthy gums, removes plaque, clean tooth surfaces
  • Strengthening the gums, gum massage, bleeding gums, gingivitis
  • Prevention and treatment of inflammation of the gums (gingivitis), periodontal disease (periodontitis) and peri-implantitis
  • Combating bad breath

Additional information

Brand Top Caredent
Article line CDB-KFO interdental brushes
Use With holder (Holder-1, Holder-2, IDBH-HB, IDBH-HM). To clean the interdental spaces when using braces, please follow the instructions of a dental professional.
Service life Top Caredent interdental brushes are of the highest quality. The service life depends on the product, the finer the more delicate.
As with a toothbrush, the interdental brushes should be changed as soon as the bristles are no longer “new”, as they then lose their cleaning power. For fine interdental brushes approx. 1 week (with daily use), for larger models approx. 2 weeks.
For whom ? Adults, teenagers wearing braces (according to professional instructions).
Packaging Ecological cardboard packaging for the sake of the environment. Pack of 5 / 25.


Daily or regular cleaning & care

  • The brackets give the orthodontic brush with the soft filaments a clear guide, which makes it easier to handle.
  • The orthodontic brush is used before the teeth are cleaned so that the fluorides in the toothpaste can act on these predilection points for caries.
  • The brush is inserted into the double-ended holder with little pressure (1/4 turn) and pushed out or pulled out with the thumb to change it
  • Never press or squeeze
  • At the end, leave the cleaned brushes in the holder, place the holder / handle on the edge of the tooth cup, for example, and leave open to dry. (Water-repellent and quick-drying material)

License plate

  • The superior effect of the waisted brush shape has been proven by several studies
  • Different types of bristles on one brush – exclusive to the waisted Circum® products from Top Caredent